COVID-19 response & readiness:



Updated January 2021

As shown in the service map below, Douglas has 7 service regions in the United States as well as coverage for Canada and Mexico. All regions are supported by an experienced and talented team of remote and factory-based service technicians. Despite the potential for further travel restrictions we are confident that these resources can continue to support any service need you may have within the U.S.


The following key service capabilities and hours (CST) remain in effect:

  • Remote troubleshooting from 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • Live phone support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

  • Service parts shipments from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 5 days per week; airline or courier flights can be arranged on an as-needed basis outside of standard operating hours.

  • Online troubleshooting based on machine capability and connectivity availability; as detailed in the 'Risk Mitigation' section below, this is an area we continue to enhance.

  • Need to contact Douglas service personnel? Main Service Line: 320.763.5507


Current status

At present, we have not seen and are not anticipating disruptions to service levels. In reality we are currently experiencing excess capacity due to cancelled trips and travel/visitor restrictions.


To support the social distancing guidance our current travel preference is via rental car. However, absent future government-mandated flight restrictions we will travel via air in cases of emergency.


We are following the US State Department’s level 4 travel advisory which dictates that our Service Technicians remain in the United States. However, we are working on an as-needed basis with members of our Sales team to support customers outside the United States.

Potential risks

  • Looking forward, there is a possibility that domestic air travel becomes further restricted. If this happens, our technicians will be forced to drive, which could delay normal arrival times.

  • As our customers' production facilities grapple with the threat of direct and/or indirect exposure to COVID-19, we are taking steps to ensure the continued safety of our traveling service technicians. We will soon roll out a process that requests information transparency from plants that our technicians plan to visit. While we don't anticipate problems with this approach we recognize that is an additional layer of communication that needs to be navigated prior to initiating service trips.

  • For customers outside the United States, third party partners are being utilized to manage all service requests. While international requests continue to be fulfilled, in some cases there have been delays due to this arrangement.

  • Long-term, we have also considered the potential for service shortages in the event that restrictions lift and normal business conditions resume. In this scenario we anticipate reacting to high levels of pent up service demand. 


Service offerings to mitigate risk

Many of our customers are working hard to keep up with surging demand. At the same time, needed COVID-19 safety policies place limitations on suppliers that are allowed to enter their facilities.


With these constraints in mind, our Technical Services team has been hard at work leveraging existing remote service support capabilities and developing new ones - all with an eye toward maintaining excellent levels of service. Below, we list the remote support capabilities and offerings we provide to our customers. If your company has a preference for other tools, let us know - we're flexible. 



We've expanded our investment and utilization of Zoom, one of the world's leading web conferencing solutions. With access to fully equipped ZoomRooms and to individual service support personnel, customers can engage Douglas experts in a virtual support environment via voice, video, chat, screen shares, and live annotations - all with the simple click of a Douglas-provided link.

To ensure hassle-free connection and engagement, Zoom work instructions are also available.

If you have questions about Zoom's security or privacy features, please read this.



Ewon is a full end-to-end remote access router that allows our technical experts to access your machine's diagnostic information via a simple and secure connection. Specifically, Douglas utilizes the Ewon Cosy 131 Router. No IT configuration tools or command-line skills are required to implement and/or utilize this highly secured, ISO27001 and STAR certified product.


For customers who already have machines with Ewon routers, we will provide work instructions to guide the interaction and ensure a smooth connection with a member of our Technical Services team. ​

For customers that do not have machines equipped with an Ewon router, Douglas will provide a kit that enables Ewon connection for temporary use during this pandemic. This kit includes everything you'll need to get up and running with a remote connection to a Douglas technician. (Note: a $1,500 refundable security deposit will be required to receive this kit.) 

For more information on Ewon, please visit their website, contact your Service Advisor, or reach out to one of the Technical Services leaders listed on our Key Contacts page.



For secure remote PC access and support, Douglas can also deploy TeamViewer. Like Ewon, TeamViewer allows Douglas technicians to do more than just show and tell, it allows qualified Douglas personnel to guide and direct a customer's PC when connected to a machine's controller and its diagnostic information.


Complete work instructions are available for TeamViewer download, install, and use.


For those customers that prefer to maintain control of network access, Douglas can also connect and engage through Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs. This option allows all of the benefits of Ewon and/or TeamViewer, plus the added sense of security that comes with controlling the means of access to your network. 

To limit the financial burden of remote connectivity and engagement during these unprecedented times, we're taking some liberties with our fee structures. Until travel conditions improve or Douglas determines there is a need for change, service support via  Zoom, Ewon, TeamViewer and/or VPN will be conducted free of charge.  To learn more, please contact your Service Advisor or one of the Technical Services leaders listed on our Key Contacts page. 

As always, given the dynamic and shifting environment we all find ourselves in, we encourage customers to communicate proactively with our Technical Services team whenever possible.