COVID-19 response & readiness:


New Projects

Our experienced sales team consisting of Regional and Beverage Sales Managers, Sales Engineers, Application Engineers, Field Modification Application Engineers and Replacement Parts Specialists all stand ready to support you on any new or in-process applications.

If you have an existing contact within any of our sales teams, don't hesitate to reach out to them for information and/or support.

Alternatively, please feel free to connect with any of the individuals listed on our Key Contacts page.

Existing Projects

Despite the challenges, the employee owners of Douglas are committed to maintaining your project’s schedule, and we are well positioned to follow through on that commitment.


In support of safety and schedule integrity, we have implemented, tested, and successfully executed Remote Factory Acceptance Tests (R-FATs). R-FATs are structured into four phases:


  1. Pre R-FAT alignment and execution of FAT protocols; protocols can be based on Douglas standards, or your process as agreed upon.

  2. Real-time R-FAT engagement utilizing live Zoom web conferencing technology to perform machine walk-through and test runs.

  3. Multi-angle high-definition video documentation demonstrating runs of all sizes at contractually agreed upon rates.

  4. Post R-FAT Zoom meetings to review documentation and installation, and to address remaining open items.


While our preference has always been to encourage in-person Factory Acceptance Tests, current events suggest this may become increasingly difficult and unsafe. With this in mind, Douglas strongly encourages all customers with machines in process to consider the R-FAT process outlined above. We believe this is our best opportunity to limit unnecessary travel, maintain recommended social distancing guidelines, and ensure timely project completion.

For those customers who still wish to perform in-person FATs, Douglas has established a clear protocol. Project Managers will communicated these shared expectations in advance of customer visits.